No More Bats at the Tallahassee Northwood Centre

Posted at 10:37 AM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-05 14:49:03-04

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) -- All of the bats have been evicted from the Northwood Centre, according to Chet Lynch, Wildlife Construction Manager of Critter Control of Tallahassee. However, crews are still working to remove the pounds of bat feces that have accumulated in the ceiling of the buildings.

Statement from Critter Control of Tallahassee

The bats are gone.

Last week, our expert team from Critter Control successfully evicted brown bats that had nested at the building. Sensitive to the owners’ requirement that we act in a comprehensive and first-class manner, we then completed the process of ensuring that all possible openings were properly sealed so the bats cannot re-enter.

The vast majority of the bats were found between the existing gutters and remnants of an old gutter that remained on the building, outside the main structure of the building. A limited number of bats were found in the interior ceiling area of the northwest corner of the building. Based on a preliminary in-person inspection of Northwood and our many years of experience in the field, we believe that the bats had been within the interior only a limited period of time – perhaps only a matter of months.

Critter Control will carefully remove interior bat guano at an appropriate time, in accordance with a protocol developed by Northwood’s environmental consultant.

When they hired us to conduct the bat eviction, Northwood ownership and managers made it clear they wanted it done in a humane way that fully complies with state and federal wildlife protection requirements, while also minimizing disruption for the workers in the building. To accomplish this, we removed the building’s rear gutter and sealed every crack and crevice in the building. When weather permitted, we installed one-way exclusion devices that allowed the bats to leave the building in the evening but not gain re-entry when they returned in the morning. This process led the bats to find new homes.

As the final step of this process, Critter Control removed remaining traces of the bats, including guano on the building exterior, utilizing accepted and approved methods.