Douglas MacArthu Gen. Douglas MacArthur party strides up through small village on way to Han river in Korea on Feb. 13, 1951. (AP Photo/Jim Pringle)Photo by: Jim Pringle/AP KING LYING IN STATE 1952 Members of the public pass the coffin of Britain's King George VI, as it lays in state, and the guard is changed in total silence, in Westminster Hall, London, on Feb. 13, 1952. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Patty Hearst An unsmiling Patty Hearst gazes straight ahead as she leaves the San Francisco Federal Building, Thursday, Feb. 13, 1976 after she shed a number of tears on hearing the taped voice of SLA leader Cinque during her trial on bank robbery charges. She wears a coat over print dress and turtleneck. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Rocky Marciano, Lee Savold Rocky Marciano hits the canvas after missing a looping blow in the sixth round of his scheduled ten-round fight with Lee Savold in Philadelphia, Feb. 13, 1952. The bout was stopped after the sixth round at the request of Savold’s manager. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Bloody Sunday Aftermath A crowd of youths stand around a fire in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, during continuing disturbances following the aftermath of Bloody Sunday, Feb. 13, 1972. (AP Photo/Michel Laurent)Photo by: Michel Laurent/ASSOCIATED PRESS Ralph Abernathy The Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, speaking to students on the University of Miami campus, Thursday, Feb. 13, 1970, told the group the nation’s black activists must form “a powerful, united front and sock it to America.” Lights on the campus pation form the pattern behind Abernathy. (AP Photo/Jim Bourdier)Photo by: Jim Bourdier/AP London King George VI Britain's King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on the stage inside the People?s Palace, London on Feb. 13, 1937, listening to songs by children during their. (AP Photo)Photo by: Len Putnam/AP Harry  Trumman President Harry Truman poses with a group of North Atlantic Treaty organization soldiers, sailors and airman in Washington on Feb. 13, 1951 who are in training in the U.S. Left to right, standing: Mario Sabbattini of Italy, chief petty officer; Jean Paul Leyzat of France, master sergeant; Robert N. Langton, Canada, chief petty officer; H.S. Edwards of England, sergeant; Nils C. Astrup of Norway, air cadet; Thomas J.C. Benningshof of the Netherlands, first sergeant, and Andre Jonckheere of Belgium, air cadet. (AP Photo/CPG)Photo by: CPG/AP WWII England Hampden Bomber In Snow Snow may cover the ground and parts of the planes too, but it makes no difference to the Royal Air Force. Ground crews as they service an RAF Hampden bomber in bitter cold weather somewhere in England, Feb. 13, 1942. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Birger Ruud Birger Ruud of Norway, 19 years old, makes a jump at Lake Placid, N.Y., during the 1932 Winter Olympics, Feb. 13, 1932. He won the ski jumping title with leaps of 218 and 226 feet. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Bruno Hauptmann, Edward Reilly Edward J. Reilly, chief defense counsel, left, enters court at Flemington, New Jersey on Feb. 13, 1935, shoulder to shoulder with Bruno Richard Hauptmann just before jury was given Hauptmann case for decision. State trooper's arm stretches in front of Reilly as he clasps Hauptmann's wrist. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Newman Woodward Actress Joanne Woodward, left, and actor-husband Paul Newman arrive at the port of Palermo, Sicily, aboard the Italian liner Leonardo Da Vinci, Feb. 13, 1962. The couple is making their third of eighteen stops on a celebrity cruise from New York. (AP Photo/Salvatore Labruzzo)Photo by: SALVATORE LABRUZZO/ASSOCIATED PRESS D. B. Cooper Hijacking 1980 FBI agents scour the sand of a beach of the Columbia River, searching for additional money or clues in 9-year-old D.B. Cooper skyjacking case, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1980, Vancouver, Canada. Brian Ingram, 8, found several thousand dollars of the Cooper money on Sunday. (AP Photo/Reid Blackburn)Photo by: Reid Blackburn/ASSOCIATED PRESS USA The Beatles Beatles guitarists George harrison, left, and John Lennon, in leather cap, are greeted by girls in swimsuits on their arrival at Miami Airport, Florida, Feb. 13, 1964. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Dorothy Hamil, Christine Errath, Dianne De Leeuw Medal presentation for Women Figure Skating in Innsbruck, Austria on Feb. 13, 1976. From Left to Right are Dianne De Leeuw, Netherland, silver; Dorothy Hamill, of Riverside, Conn., gold; and Christine Errath, East Germany, Bronze. (AP Photo)Photo by: Anonymous/AP Zale and Conn Boxing 1942 Tony Zale, left, of Gary, Indiana, winces after taking a hard left thrown by Billy Conn, right, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during their 12-Round bout, Feb. 13, 1942, Madison Sqaure Garden, New York. Conn won the decision. (AP Photo)Photo by: Anonymous/ASSOCIATED PRESS Frank Borman U.S. astronaut Col. Frank Borman signs autographs for a crowd of young autograph hunters, at the end of a press conference Borman held in the Italian National Research Center in Rome, Feb. 14, 1969. Borman, his wife and their two sons flew into Rome on February 13, on the seventh stop of their European tour. (AP Photo/Jim Pringle)Photo by: Jim Pringle/AP John Glenn Astronaut John Glenn sits in his Houston, Texas, home among souvenirs and trophies of his career, Feb. 13, 1967. He will mark the fifth anniversary of his earth orbiting trip the first for the U.S. on Feb. 20. (AP Photo)Photo by: UNCREDITED/AP Winter Olympics 1972 Tyler Palmer, Kearsarge, N.H., (6) in action in men?s slalom of the 11th Winter Olympic Games, Feb. 13, 1972 in Sapporo. He finished 9th. (AP Photo)Photo by: Anonymous/AP Malcolm X 1963 Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X speaks to television newsmen at Duffy Square, in New York City, Feb. 13, 1963. The Black Muslims were picketing through the Times Square area. (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler)Photo by: Marty Lederhandler/AP PICKETS AGAINST SEGREGATION Betty Hunter of New York City, and her poodle, Rini, join pickets outside the S.H. Kress & Co. at 106th Street and Third Avenue, New York City, February 13, 1960. Pickets were supporting a protest movement in the south against segregated lunch counter service in chain stores. (AP Photo/Harry Harris)Photo by: HARRY HARRIS/AP EVERT FAMILY Chris Evert, right, who has become an international tennis sensation at age 17, is shown with her family who all play the game, at their home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Feb. 13, 1972. In the front row, shown from left are: John, 10; Mrs. Colette Evert; Jeanne, 14; and James Evert. At the top are Drew, 18 and Clare, 4. (AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS Senator Margaret Chase Smith Sen. Margaret Chase Smith of Maine questions two pedestrians on the streets of Concord N.H. during her week long campaign of the Granite State on Feb. 13, 1964. Sen. Smith is seeking votes for the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation presidential preference primary March 10. In the background is the State House. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP FOOD LINES TIMES SQUARE A long line of men wait along Broadway for their ration of a sandwich and a cup of coffee in Times Square, New York City on Feb. 13, 1932 during the Great Depression. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Hauptmann Lindbergh 1935 Condemned as the abductor and murderer of the Lindbergh baby and facing death in the electric chair, Bruno Richard Hauptmann is shown in his cell in Flemington, N.J., Feb. 14, 1935. (AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS NOVAK CANNES FILM FESTIVAL Illustrating why she was dubbed the "Festival Bomb" at the Cannes Film Festival, actress Kim Novak is hustled through the crowd of media to attend an evening performance, April 25, 1956. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP WWII DRESDEN Two wreaths mark the spot where persons were last seen and are believed to lie buried beneath the pile of rubble that was once a house in Dresden, Germany, 1945 during World War II. Two mass raids carried out by Allied bombers attacked Dresden on Feb. 13 and 14, killing 35,000 people. (AP Photo/Jim Pringle)Photo by: Jim Pringle/ASSOCIATED PRESS