New technology to help us battle the bulge

Battle of the Bulge
Posted at 6:15 PM, Oct 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-20 18:15:00-04

Now, a new non-invasive fat blasting technology can help you say goodbye to unwanted fat around your midsection.

Cassandra Tsoulas is used to getting ultrasounds. In April, she gave birth to her daughter. The 27-year-old quickly dropped most of her pregnancy weight, but, even with rigorous exercise and diet, she couldn't get her body back.

Tsoulas said, "I thought it would just be there forever. I never thought I would get rid of those last 10 pounds."

Here's how UltraShape reshapes the body. The FDA-approved fat blasting technology uses pulsed focused sound waves on trouble spots.

Joop M. Grevelink, M.D., Ph.D., Dermatologist at Boston Dermatology and Laser Center said,  "It does not so much shrink the fat cells it really breaks down the wall of the fat cells, then the content of the fat cells and the fat cell itself gets reabsorbed by our own body."

Tsoulas says she felt no pain, "You know, it felt like a little bit of warmth, a little bit of heat, but other than that just like a regular ultrasound on my tummy."

Dr. Grevelink said candidates for the procedure are not necessarily overweight, but those like Tsoulas, who have an area of fat they just cannot shed.

According to Dr. Grevelink, there is very little recovery time. And, typically, there are no side effects such as bruising to report. The procedure is not covered by insurance. Cost varies but is about $1000 a session.

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