New details revealed in murder of two Tallahassee women

New details revealed in murder of two Tallahassee women
Posted at 3:44 PM, Sep 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-07 11:44:32-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - New details are being revealed about what lead a teen to kill his daughter's mother and grandmother.

On Wednesday, the Leon County Sheriff's Office arrested Malik Wade, 19, in connection to the deaths of two women.

According to a probable cause document, Wade admitted to deputies that he killed his daughter's mother and grandmother. 

The document says Wade told deptuties in an interview following the bodies' discovery that he had been visiting his daughter in Tallahassee when he got into an argument with the child's mother.

During the argument, Wade told police that he tried to take the victim's cell phone from their daughter. He told them that the victim pushed him away twice before he pulled a gun on her, pointing it at her.

The report says Wade asked the victim,"Are you afraid of me?" before pulling the trigger and shooting his daughter's mother multiple times. An investigation revealed that the victim had suffered 11 puncture or bullet wounds.

After that, Wade told deputies that he moved his daughter and her grandmother, who was also present during the shooting, to the living room.

The document says Wade moved the victim's body into the bathroom, placed her into a bathtub, and poured bleach water on her before rinsing her off.

Wade told deputies that he also cleaned the blood off of the floor and walls before going back into the living room. Once he was done cleaning, he placed the victim onto the bed and wrapped her in two blankets. 

He told deputies that he sent his daughter to the bedroom and tucked her in.

After that, Wade went back into the living room and turned the TV up.

When deputies asked why he turned the volume up, Wade stated, "So my daughter wouldn't hear the gunshot. He then shot his daughter's grandmother.

The deputy wrote, "As Malik was exiting the residence, his daughter came out of her bedroom and said 'Dadda Dadda.'"

He then walked outside and closed the door, leaving his daughter inside the home with her dead mother and grandmother. 

Wade is facing the following charges: 

  • 2 counts of homicide-willful kill murder premeditated
  • 1 Count of Kidanapping
  • 1 count of child neglect