Neglected Horse On The Path To Recovery

Posted at 6:00 PM, May 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-01 14:52:58-04

GADSDEN COUNTY, Fla. (WTXL)-- We've been following the progress of a horse's recovery. Shadow was one of many horses that used to live on a property in Leon County.

Shadow and another horse were surrendered by the owner. Then deputies took away 12 other horses from the Mocassin Gap Road property after discovering they were underfed and underweight.

Despite shadow encountering several health problems. It seems it's all turning around for the horse.

"He had no life in his eyes," said Beth White, a member of Triple R Horse Rescue. "It's very shocking to see a horse in this condition. It's what I consider a step away from death."

That was back in February. Shadow the horse was skin and bones.

His future was not so bright but this is him now, nearly three months later.

So far Shadow's recovery has been better than expected, according to his foster parent Cathy Stauffer.

"When you get these horses they are not themselves and they are very sick," said Stauffer. "You don't know what might be coming down the road."

When Stauffer first got Shadow, she and her husband fed him around the clock, small amounts every three hours or so. Shadow has since gained 150 pounds.

"He had a bacterial infection which is very much the lack of nutrition," said Stauffer. "He had some real severe teeth problems. His feet of course needed attention."

Stauffer says he's been treated for all of that, and his energy is up since we first saw him.

Why does she foster horses like Shadow?

"That's tough. We adopted a rescue horse two or three years ago, and we lost her," said Stauffer.

That's when she realized there's many horses out there in need. She and her husband bought property to build a barn and house to help the animals.

As for shadow, Stauffer says he needs to gain more weight but he's expected to be okay.

 A judge ordered the Ed Moragne, the person who surrendered Shadow and who owns the property where the other horses were taken from, to never own horses again.

Those other horses, according to Triple R Horse Rescue are being cared for and are on the path to recovery.