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Stanford apologizes for 'suppressing' Jewish enrollment in the past

Stanford-Hate Crime Inivestgation
Posted at 2:20 PM, Oct 13, 2022

Stanford issued an apology following allegations the university limited the admission of Jewish students in the 1950s.

The university's president said a task force that was formed after the allegations were made had found that the school suppressed the admissions of Jewish students.

"This ugly component of Stanford’s history, confirmed by this new report, is saddening and deeply troubling. As a university, we must acknowledge it and confront it as a part of our history, as repellent as it is, and seek to do better," Stanford University President Marc Tessier-Lavigne wrote in a letter to members of the school.

Tessier-Lavigne added that the report doesn't detail how long the practice lasted. However, he claimed the act had "long-lasting effects and dissuaded some Jewish students from applying to Stanford."

In addition to an apology, Stanford is undertaking an effort to "enhance" Jewish life on campus. The effort includes more education and training on issues affecting the Jewish community, combating antisemitism on campus and working with housing and dining to accommodate Jewish students.