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Royal Family pays final tribute to the queen

Britain Royals Funeral
Posted at 10:36 AM, Sep 20, 2022

The Royal Family had one last message to Queen Elizabeth II upon her burial: "May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest."

The quote is from Shakespeare's "Hamlet." The phrase is uttered to Hamlet upon death in the final act of the play.

King Charles III also used the phrase in his address to the United Kingdom following the death of his mother.

Queen Elizabeth II was buried during a private ceremony Monday at King George VI Memorial Chapel.

The queen was reunited with her late husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Queen Elizabeth II's life was celebrated over 10 days in the United Kingdom. Thousands of people lined the streets to say farewell and visit her coffin.

Numerous heads of state were also in attendance for her funeral, including President Joe Biden.