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Reporter has ear pod stolen from ear by bird live on television

The reporter was talking about crime in the area
reporter chile bird airpod stolen
Posted at 9:33 PM, Nov 04, 2022

Reporter Nicolas Krumm was out doing a story about crime in one part of Santiago, Chile when a curious bird stole an ear piece from his ear while he was live on television.

The parrot lands on his shoulder and curiously inspects him, and then as he is being calm, the bird steals the Apple air pod from his ear while he is using it for his live TV report.

The reporter, who works for Chilevision, tried to grab the ear phone but was unsuccessful.

He had motioned to his photographer to try and help but that didn't work.

A girl could be heard yelling at him to leave the bird alone.

Eventually they were able to find the ear piece in the grass. And the curious bird was OK.