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Oregon gun bill has critics saying it will 'virtually eliminate firearm sales'

Supporters say the legislation would finally address gun violence "head on."
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Posted at 6:26 PM, Oct 28, 2022

An Oregon firearms bill on the ballot this year has the state focused on the measure which has drawn a stark divide between voters in the state who support more gun control, and those who want the status quo or want to find other ways of addressing gun violence.

Hundreds of students recently staged a walkout at a Portland high school in support of Oregon's Measure 114, which would increase gun laws in the state.

Luke Henderickson a senior at Grant High School said that "two recent shootings definitely have emphasize the need for a type measure like this,” KGW reported.

Opponents of the bill say the measure would make gun ownership more restrictive with Oregon State Shooting Association President Kerry Spurgin saying, "This is the most extreme gun control measure in the country, or at least one of the most extreme," Fox News reported.

Measure 114 proposes that background checks be required, that gun owners enroll in hands-on firearm training, and would create a system of finger printing and data collection. A permit to purchase a gun would be required in the state if the measure passes.

The measure also proposes that ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds be outlawed in the state.

Shane Nelson, President of the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association (OSSA), said, “We recognize that we must address firearm violence, but Measure 114 is just not the answer."

“It will move very scarce law-enforcement resources from protecting our communities to doing backgrounds and issuing permits," Nelson said.

Brady Winn of the Gun Law Reform club at Grant High School in Portland said, “I felt like it was really important to do this walkout to send a message like 'hey, we too want a safe learning environment and we want freedom to walk the streets and not have to worry about guns or getting shot.”