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Most common pet insurance claims during holidays

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Posted at 1:50 PM, Dec 12, 2023

Nationwide analyzed its database of more than 1.2 million insured pets and released its top holiday-related pet claims for injuries. Ingestion of foreign objects had the largest average pet claim cost of $2,400. Alcohol, chocolate, and caffeine toxicity followed.

Ingestion of foreign objects (ornaments, tinsel, ribbons, etc…): Average claim of $2,400

Alcohol toxicity: Average claim of $869

Chocolate and caffeine toxicity: Average claim of $618

Poisoning from plant-based items (mistletoe, holly, pine needles, etc…): Average claim of $610

Burns and electric shock (candles or cord chewing): Average claim of $180

"You know, you need to kind of know your dog and how mischievous they are to set some things in place. If you have a dog that gets into things all the time, then don't put your edible ornaments that you don't want them coming in contact with on the low part of the Christmas tree. And be very cautious about the things that are tantalizing for dogs to eat. So chocolate being one of those things," said Dr. Matthew Wheaton with Alicia Pet Care Center.

"Cats love to eat, you know, things that are strings. So we definitely see cats with intestinal obstructions due to ingesting either tinsel or, you know, the very thin ribbon that you know kind of curls up when you use the scissor on it. They love that stuff and I've taken that out of cats multiple times in my career. So you know don't forget about the cats."

Veterinarians also recommend blocking off any areas with food, removing exposed cords and wires, and crating your pet when you leave the home to avoid unwanted vet visits. Click here to read more tips from Nationwide on how to pet-proof during the holidays.