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More major retailers report plans to close on Thanksgiving, keeping a pandemic-era practice

Target grocery store workers COVID-19
Posted at 8:53 PM, Oct 19, 2022

Major U.S. retailers are planning to keep a pandemic-era practice by staying closed on Thanksgiving this year.

The practice was implemented during the pandemic, but more retailers say they will make it a standard practice.

Target's CEO said during the pandemic, closing on the holiday was expected to be a temporary move. The company will work to provide extended shopping hours so that profits won't be lost by staying closed on the holiday.

Mega retailers like Walmart and even Best Buy say they plan to close on Thanksgiving this year.

While it's important to check with local stores to see specific hours of operation, many U.S. retailers have an active online shopping operation that customers can use if they decide to make a purchase on the holiday.

Kohl's also announced that its stores plan to be closed on Thanksgiving this year.

Many stores have already started offering promotions earlier in the shopping season and plan to spread the deals throughout the holiday season.