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First responders join nationwide effort to provide beds for needy families

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More than 100 first responders used their day off to help assemble beds for less fortunate families in Florida.

They’re part of a nationwide effort led by Sleep in Heavenly Peace to provide safe places to sleep for children throughout the U.S.

The group has delivered 140,000 beds to less fortunate families nationwide in the last decade.

"We definitely appreciate how you as first responders affect us and help us in the community protect us and keep us safe and take care of us, and today you guys are going above and beyond,” Carl Craig, a member of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, told CNN.

For the officers, firefighters and paramedics on hand, it was a way to serve the community differently.

"The job throws a lot of unfortunate events at us through our careers, and you know, we see a lot of emergency scenes. So, these kinds of opportunities in our community, which we do a lot more than this, but it's rewarding,” Troy Anzalone, a battalion chief for the Tallahassee Fire Department, told CNN.

The group welcomes volunteers and donations throughout the U.S. Families can also apply at for a bed.