As few decide to get COVID booster, White House makes year-end vaccine push

Tameiki Lee
Posted at 12:18 PM, Nov 22, 2022

With a small percentage of Americans getting COVID-19 boosters ahead of the holidays, the White House announced several initiatives aimed at getting Americans boosted.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, just 11.3% of Americans ages 5 and up have gotten a COVID-19 booster.

Among the initiatives, the White House will provide community health centers with $350 million in funds to “use for mobile, drive-up, walk-up, or community-based vaccination events, partnerships with community and faith-based organizations for vaccination activities, raising awareness of the updated shot, and more.”

An additional $125 million will be targeted toward seniors “to help local aging and disability networks hold vaccination events at senior and community centers; build up confidence in the vaccine; educate people about the risks of COVID-19.”

Data indicates that seniors are more likely to be vaccinated and boosted. The CDC’s data indicates that 3 in 10 seniors over age 65 have gotten a booster dose.

While officials indicated they were hopeful more Americans would get booster shots as the holidays approach, it appears if anything, few are seeking booster shots this month. As of the start of the month, about 8% of the U.S. population over the age of 5 had a booster shot.

“The six-week campaign will focus on reaching seniors and the communities that were hardest hit by COVID-19 by making it even more convenient to get vaccinated and increasing awareness through paid media,” the Biden administration said.

Unlike the original vaccines that came out in late 2020 and early 2021, the new vaccines offer protection against the omicron variant. The shots are recommended for those over age 5 who received two doses of the original shot.