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Stormy days ahead for Trump as more investigations loom

The 45th President is at the center of multiple local, state and federal probes
Stormy Daniels
Posted at 10:56 AM, Apr 03, 2023

Donald Trump has vowed to vigorously fight allegations he used campaign money to silence an adult movie star over an affair he also denies having, but Trump’s legal strife with Stormy Daniels may be part of a more disastrous storm still looming over the ex-President.

The former chief in charge remains at the center of several other major investigations which, legal experts say, could be far more damaging.

“I would anticipate that at least in one of them if not all of them, he will be prosecuted. So, we're just at the very beginning of Trump's legal difficulties,” explained criminal defense attorney Stephen Harper whose also a law professor at Florida International University.

Those other Trump difficulties include accusations he tried to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia by pressuring its Secretary of State to find him more votes. The call was recorded and leaked to the public.

“I just want to find 11,780 votes which is one more vote than we have because we won the state,” Trump can be heard stating to the Georgia elections chief.

While a special grand jury has recommended Trump face charges for his unsuccessful attempt to sway the election, the Fulton County District Attorney has yet to formally file an indictment against him.

Same for federal prosecutors who are still investigating two potential federal crimes by the 45th President.

Those potential misdeeds include his involvement in alleging spearheading the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 [a House Select Committee investigating the breach recommended Trump face charges] to the box loads of classified and highly classified documents found inside Trump’s Palm Beach home last year.

Harper believes those two federal cases have the potential to be disastrous for Trump if they result in charges and a conviction.

“I think the fact that he had documents that were labeled top secret in his property and one of his lawyers wrote the government and said we’ve done everything, I think that is a very dangerous case for Trump,” explained Harper. “The other case, I think, is really potentially very dangerous for Trump is the Georgia case where he is caught on tape.”

But while Trump’s legal woes appear to be mounting, how it all plays out politically for the 2024 hopeful remains a question.

“Right now, the Republicans are unified but there’s no telling they’ll stay that way as these other cases are rolling along with one appeal after another and we’re still talking about these trials in the middle of the campaign. Then you will see some Republicans revert to we just need a fresh face,” explained Tampa-based political analyst Dr. Susan MacManus.

Until then, former President Donald Trump continues to do what he’s become known for, making headlines and history.

“You have a former President of the United States of America being charged criminally; that's pretty amazing and pretty scary. On the other hand, I am heartened about the legal due process and no one is above the law is, so far, prevailing,” said Harper.