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Northern lights to be visible over parts of U.S.

Posted at 10:28 AM, Sep 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-27 10:28:27-04

(WTXL) — Depending on where you live, you may get treated to a light show brought to you by Mother Nature Friday night.

Friday night and Saturday night, the Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a G1 and G2 geomagnetic storm alert.

"Geomagnetic activity is expected to rise on September 27th due to an increasingly disturbed solar wind field associated with effects of a positive polarity coronal hole high speed stream," the SWPC stated online. "Geomagnetic activity is expected to escalate further in reaction to elevated solar wind speeds approaching 700 km/s, likely leading to G2 storm levels on Saturday, September 28."

Canada and the northern half of the U.S. will be in for a celestial show. Parts of the mid-west and east coast may also be able to see Northern lights.

The best way to view them will be after 11 p.m. into 3 a.m., away from city lights. To find the darkest area near you, click here.