CDC admits plans for coronavirus hasn't' gone as planned

Posted at 5:34 PM, Feb 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-28 17:34:58-05

(WTXL) — The Center for Disease Control is admitting testing for COVID-19 hasn't quite gone as well as hoped.

"Today was a wake up call from the World Health Organization.

Raising the global risk assessment from COVID-19 to "very high," but stopping short of calling it a pandemic.

The CDC does not see evidence as yet that the virus is spreading freely in communities.

They say there is still a chance of containing this virus if robust action is taken to detect cases early, isolate and care for patients and trace contacts.

On Friday, the Solano County public health administrator confirmed to abc news that the county has a new confirmed novel coronavirus case. That person was under quarantine at Travis Air Force Base. They are asymptomatic and at home in Solano County under self-quarantine.

In California, authorities are scouring the community to find out if COVID-19 could have spread after a Solano County woman showed up to a local hospital with flu like symptoms.

She was placed onto a ventilator, but was not tested for the virus until four days later.

Dr. Bela Matyas, MD, MPh, Public health officer, Solano County Health and Social Services, Public Health Division said they don't know where the patient was exposed.

On Capitol Hill, more questions followed a whistleblower complaint.

The complaint stated that federal employees were interacting with quarantined Americans at Travis and March Air Force Bases had allegedly worked without proper training or protective gear.

"There were several concerns that we had," said Rep. John Garamendi. "The whistle blower issue remains unresolved, at least for Travis Air Force Base, and perhaps for others."

Health and Human Services secretary, Alex Azar said they'll be fast-tracking the process for broader testing in a large number of labs in the next several weeks.

Bedside testing though is still months away.

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