NASA puts Earth up for adoption

Earth Image
Posted at 9:48 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 21:48:00-04

NASA is gearing up for Earth Day by offering up sections of the planet to its website visitors.

It split the world into 64,000 pieces that is up for adoption, as part of an awareness campaign.

Each piece is about 55 miles wide, but users don't get to pick their slices. They could get Midtown Manhattan, or a chunk of the Arctic Ocean.

NASA provides adopters with scientific detail on their slices of paradise, gathered from instruments in space.

People unhappy with their random assignments are also covered. They can explore NASA's world map and get the same data for any location.

NASA's worldview website gives visitors access to satellite images that are just a few hours old.

Historic pictures for some locations go back as far as 30 years so people can see how they have changed over time.

Adopters receive certificates they can print or share on social media highlighting their sections of Earth.

Keep in mind, that it's just for fun and education. There are no legal or property rights involved.