My Perfect Pet: Nora and Umish's Love

“That whole semester, he just stayed in my arms and was the perfect therapy; exactly what I needed”
My Perfect Pet: Nora and Umish's Love
Posted at 4:30 AM, Jul 09, 2013
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TALLAHASSEE,Fla.(WTXL)--Nora Bertolaet has experienced her fair share of tragedy but her four legged friend provides her with the love she needs.

"Umish is my Boston terrier. He is about 3-years-old and he's kind of my baby," says Bertolaet.

Bertolaet and Umish are the perfect team.

"It wasn't like I picked him out, he picked me out. He was placed in my arms and instantly his paws just kind of tightened around me shoulders and he just licked my face and I was like alright, I'm yours," says Bertolaet. 

The two were paired together at a time when Bertolaet lost multiple close family friends including her best friend, Ann Grosmarie.

Bertolaet says that Umish helps to ease the pain. 

"I really needed something else to focus on besides school and work, to kind of take me into a happier place," Bertolaet said. 

Happiness was exactly what Nora found in her new companion. Now the two are inseparable and make frequent trips to the park and beach, something that both Nora and Umish find enjoyable. 

"His first place that I took him was St. George Island to walk on the beach and I put his leash on and walked him around. That was the first time I let him out of my arms," Bertolaet said.

When she was 10 years old she had another Boston terrier, which ultimately led to her decision on getting another one.

"I've had two Boston terriers and they've both been very chill, they've got great personalities," says Bertolaet.

Whenever Umish and her leave the house, she makes sure to always bring a few essential items including water, a tennis ball and a bag of snacks. This is only one way that she shows her love and appreciation for her second Boston terrier. 

"That whole semester, he just stayed in my arms and it was the perfect therapy, exactly what I needed," Bertolaet said.