Multiple Drug Arrests Made in Madison County

Multiple Drug Arrests Made in Madison County
Posted at 2:31 PM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 10:47:02-04

MADISON Co., FL (WTXL) - Deputies in Madison County say they've arrested three individuals for unrelated drug charges over the last several days.

The first arrest came last Thursday when the Madison County Sheriff's Office says they pulled over a maroon Nissan Maxima driven by Jorge Anthoni Rufin.

Deputies say Rufin was pulled over after he passed another vehicle and began speeding. They say Rufin was acting suspiciously and after he refused to allow them to search his car, a canine deputy identified an "illeagal narcotic odor" coming from Rufin's car.

Rufin told deputies there was marijuana inside and deputies say they uncovered 2.5 pounds of marijuana in addition to 2 ounces of cocaine.

On Friday, deputies went to Jimmie's Auto Port after they were called about a man urinating in public.

An employee told deputies she saw a man get out of a Toyota, urinate by the driver's side door and get back inside the vehicle.

It was still in the parking lot when deputies arrived and David Honea was asleep inside. Deputies say Honea appeared to be under the influence and a small amount of marijuana was found in the passenger seat.

Finally on Monday, deputies pulled over an RV that was traveling too closely to other vehicles.

Deputies say they smelled marijuana inside the RV while they were talking to the driver.

The driver told the deputy there were two ounces of marijuana inside.

A passenger, Christina Bennett, told deputies the drugs belonged to her and she was subsequently arrested.