Moultrie woman recovering after attack by three dogs

Moultrie woman recovering after attack by three dogs
Moultrie woman recovering after attack by three dogs
Posted at 2:13 AM, Oct 02, 2018
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MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - A Moultire woman is recovering from injuries after being attacked by dogs, according to family members.

Moultrie police said Mary Davis was attacked by three dogs, including a pit bull. Davis suffered many injuries to her face, neck and arm, but is in fair condition as of Monday.

The woman’s family said she was walking home Saturday morning when a pit bull attacked her.

Davis is in a Thomasville hospital, but her family expects she will be released Tuesday.

Brian Rice, Thomas County animal control director, said he hates to hear these types of reports.

Rice emphasized that it’s not just about the owner and they have a duty to make sure their dog is safe and that it won’t harm others.

Rice also said he and his officers strictly enforce owners to be responsible with their pets.

"When you keep your dogs on your property, you cut down the risk of injury to other people, and your dog getting hit by a car," Rice said.

Because if they get loose, Rice said, anything could happen. Such as the incident with Davis as she was walking home and a pit bull pounced on her and began biting and gnawing at her body.

Davis' family said the pit bull clamped down on her face and wasn’t letting go. The other dogs were biting at her arm and neck.

Georgia's Dangerous Dog Law has strict consequences for dogs who attack people.

“I wish it was probably a little bit more stricter guidelines concerning that issue. But, what they have in place I think it’s start in the right direction," said Rice.

Under House Bill 685, after a second reported offense the dangerous dog will be euthanized.

The pit bull is being held at the Moultrie Humane Society.

WALB wasn’t able to get in contact with anyone at the Moultrie Humane Society because it was closed Monday.

The incident is an ongoing investigation.

The Moultrie Police Department is planning to release more information Tuesday regarding the incident.

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