More details released in Lanier Co. triple shooting investigation

Posted at 10:03 AM, Feb 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-19 09:41:01-05

LANIER CO., Ga. -- One person is dead and two people are recovering after a shooting that happened in Lanier County. The Lanier County Sheriff's Office is releasing more details from their investigation into the possible suicide and attempted murder case.

The investigation began around 12:45 p.m. on Saturday, February 16. At that time, a deputies responded to the scene, which is just south of Ray City and north of the intersection of Georgia State Route 122 and 125.

Deputies discovered that Kathy Mchan Flynn, 33, and her young daughter had been shot. Her husband, 50-year-old Benny Mark Flynn, was found  dead in the master bedroom from a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

Exact details aren't ready to be released due to the fact that law enforcement is still investigating. However, Lanier County Sheriff Nick Norton says that they believe that the shooting was the result of an argument between Benny and Kathy Flynn that escalated rapidly. In order to stop the argument, Kathy Flynn attempted to leave -- her husband then reportedly shot at her as she tried to walk away.

"Investigators have nothing to indicate that Mr. Flynn targeted his daughter. They think, and hope, that she was simply an unintended victim of a fit of rage that escalated out of control on behalf of Mr. Flynn," Sheriff Norton writes in a release

Sheriff Norton says that drugs and alcohol may have been involved, but it will not be confirmed until they receive lab results and further investigate the incident.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is working closely with the Lanier County Sheriff's Office in the ongoing investigation.

Sheriff Norton has asked for prayers for a speedy recovery for the victim as well as for the loss of the Flynn family in what he calls a "senseless tragedy."

At the time of Sheriff Norton's release, both the victims were doing well and expected to recover.