More Details Released by Police about Monday Georgia Kidnapping

Alfred Hunter
Posted at 5:24 PM, Aug 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-04 14:23:00-04

ALBANY, GA (WTXL) - The Albany child who was kidnapped and later recovered on Monday is in the custody of the Division of Family and Children Services, according to Police.

Alfred Hunter, the man accused of kidnapping 16-month old, Kaiden Scott, was arrested and charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, domestic violence and 3 counts of cruelty toward a child.

Documents from police show that Hunter went to the room of the child's mother, Chelsea Scott, and attempted to throw her over the railing of a second story building before taking the child.

An Amber alert was issued for the child after Hunter took him. Hunter and Scott were both found by authorities later that day.

Police say there was an active temporary protective order against Hunter that he needed to stay away from Chelsea Scott.

Police asked Scott why she didn't close the door when she saw it was Hunter outside and they say she told them she was too scared to shut the door.

Chelsea Scott was also arrested Monday night on child abuse charges that police say are unrelated to this incident.