Mom warns parents after toy fairy starts smoking while charging

Mom warns parents after toy fairy starts smoking while charging
Posted at 6:19 PM, Dec 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-28 18:19:00-05

CBS - A Michigan mother says a popular toy her daughter received for Christmas could have set their home on fire.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety is urging families to make sure they are using cords and outlets safely.

The day after Christmas, Brooke Osbeck's two daughters happily enjoyed their "Beautiful Flying Fairy."

However, Osbeck said the toys will soon be boxed up and returned after a second one she bought melted and went up in smoke as she charged it.

"The smoke was so thick you couldn't even see the toy at first," Osbeck said.

Her children had been playing with the toy moments before.

"I was kind of concerned because they put them on a charger themselves and off the charger themselves," Osbeck said.

The flying fairy came with a small USB cord. Osbeck said she plugged it in to a common two prong charging extension so she could charge from an outlet.

She said the box contains no warnings about where to charge the toy.

"I have sent an email and pictures to manufacturer," Osbeck said.

Kalamazoo Public Safety Sergeant Doug Hubbell believes in this case the toy was improperly charged.

"Basically just not using the extension cord only using what the toys come with. I know it can be inconvenient because they are smaller cords like this toy had but when we start putting extensions on to those cords it can cause problems it can cause the toys not to operate properly or cause them to short out and/or catch on fire," Hubbell said.

Hubbell said fire risks involving toys are high this time of year because outlets get overloaded when people plug in too many electronics.

Even though of one the flying fairies did charge properly, Osbeck plans to send them both back.

She hopes other parents will learn from her experience.

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