Missing hiker survives by eating bees

Missing hiker survives by eating bees
Missing hiker survives by eating bees
Posted at 10:17 PM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 22:17:00-04

VANCOUVER, WA (KATU/CNN) - A missing 40-year-old hiker was rescued Wednesday, after spending a week alone in the wilderness around Mount St. Helens.

His parents said he had no supplies, and one of the ways he survived the ordeal was by eating huckleberries and bees.

Linda and Carney Matheny have their son back.

"I think he survived off pure determination to live," his father said.

Visiting from Ohio, Matt Matheny got lost Thursday on what was supposed to be a day hike.

"The first day he saw just a couple and a single person, after that he saw no one," Linda Matheny said.

The hike turned into nearly a week alone in the wilderness with no supplies.

"Towards the end, in the last few days, he started questioning if he was going to be found," his mother said.

Matt Matheny, a nurse and Eagle Scout, did all he could do to survive.

"He was killing bees because they were attacking him every day," Linda Matheny said. "Protein and berries are literally what got him through. He found no water."

Carney Matheny credited his son's will to keep going and not let it defeat him. Also determined were scores of search and rescue teams.

One volunteer, the friend the missing hiker was visiting before he got lost, got the good news while on the mountain.

"I heard one of the volcano rescue team members say we found the patient, and our team lead said they don't say that if the person's not alive, and so there were tears," said friend Michael Bush.

Matheny is in the hospital for observation. Doctors said, aside from being dehydrated, he's in good condition.

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