Midway Police join "Click It or Ticket" campaign

midway police
Posted at 3:00 PM, May 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-20 15:00:00-04

MIDWAY, Fla.—The national “Click It or Ticket" campaign has officially begun. Law enforcement officers in Midway are joining the effort.

“You’ll definitely see an increase in flashing lights,” said Interim Chief of Police Jerome Turner. He says you may see Midway law enforcement officers doing a bit more patrolling on the roads. It’s part of a national effort to encourage seat belt safety while driving.

“All the agencies get together and we actually increase our manpower on the streets to ensure that we’re out there looking for of course those violators,” said Turner, “but also the flip side is that we’re trying to educate them as well.”

In 2010, there were 789 traffic deaths in the state of Florida related to not wearing a seat belt. But Chief Turner says their recent efforts have been making a difference in Midway.

“With our proactive efforts we’ve actually seen about a 35-40% decline of traffic fatalities in the City of Midway,” said Turner. “We’re definitely out there being proactive so that we can be as an agency that as best as we can when it comes to saying we have not had any fatalities in our jurisdiction.”

Florida law requires drivers and front seat passengers to wear a seat belt, and anyone under the age of 18 is required to always wear one, no matter where in the vehicle they are sitting.

“Every time you get in a vehicle, buckle up,” said Turner.

The nationwide “Click It or Ticket" campaign runs from May 20- June 2.