Memorial service held for K-9 deputy Koda

Memorial for fallen K-9 deputy
Posted at 6:48 PM, Feb 08, 2013
and last updated 2014-05-13 11:29:10-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- The law enforcement community turned out to say goodbye to a k-9 deputy killed in the line of duty.

Officials at the Leon County Sheriff's Office say Koda a five year old German Shepard saved his partners life as well as other deputies.

The K-9 deputy and his partner deputy Ronn McMullen were virtually inseparable. Sadly the two will never enjoy anymore time together.


Koda was killed in the line of duty last week when a suspect fired shots at his partner and other deputies. Never hesitating Koda ran into the direction of gunfire. He was shot and killed.

Sgt. Brain Pearson heads the K-9 Unit at the Leon County Sheriff's Office he says, "He exited the truck knew his target and ultimately saved those deputies lives distracted that suspect so that deputy McMullen and the other deputies could do their job."


At the memorial service standing room only. More than five hundred law enforcement officers, K-9's attended. Authorities from around the state were there.

The Gainesville Police Department sent most of their K-9 unit.

Officer Jeff Kerkau, from the Gainesvillle Police Department says, "Just to support fellow officers, fellow k-9 units. It is important anytime somebody dies in the line of duty. Whether it be a officer or K-9 dogs."

Those who knew Koda the best say the five year old German Sheperd was one of the best bomb sniffing dogs they've ever seen.

They also say the K-9 deputy was fiercely independent and a hero.

For his bravery the department gave him the Medal of Honor.

Lt. James McQuaig, from the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "This extreme bravery and courage went beyond the call of duty, acts in life threatening peril and in defense of other the medal of honor is awarded."

The Leon County Sheriff's Office five member K-9 unit is now one short.

Pearson says, "We will always remember him and the things he has done. The laughs, tears and joy. All the captures he has done for all the citizens of leon county."