Market on the Square helps small business owners succeed

Market on the Square helps small business owners succeed
Market on the Square helps small business owners succeed
Posted at 4:42 PM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 16:42:00-04

COLQUITT, Ga. (WTXL) - Small business owners know how hard it can be to start out, but thanks to the Colquitt-Miller Arts Council, they have some help.

Since the early 2000s, Market on the Square has been known as a small business incubator, allowing people to rent a booth, sell their items, and start their businesses. Multiple vendors under one roof means that shoppers will be able to browse a wide variety products.

"We try to be just a unique place that you can come and find a little of everything. You can find home goods. You can get your children ready for school," said Regina O'Brian, Manager of Market on the Square. "We also carry jams and jellies here. We ship the jelly all over the countryside, our mayhaw jelly, which we're famous for."

Each vendor stays for as long as they feel they need to, with some staying much longer than others.

"We have vendors that are long time vendors that have been here in-house for over five years, but we have a lot of vendors that come, kind of get their feet wet to see how well they'll do in business," said O'Brian.

One small business owner that started with Market on the Square, Debra Bryan, saw so much success, she was actually able to expand into her own stand-alone store.

Even though Bryan's store, Dee's, has been on its own for nearly 10 years, she still works closely with Market on the Square, whether it's discussing holiday hours, or helping shoppers find the perfect gift.

"If we don't have something they're looking for, we send them over there, and Market on the Square will send them to us if they don't have what they're looking for. We try to help each other because people aren't going to a small town for one shop," said Bryan. "They're going to come to shop if there's numerous shops. Small town community, we need to help one another."

Bryan considers herself blessed with the success she's seen with Dee's, and continues to guide other small business owners to the same small business incubator that gave her a start.

"Market on the Square was just wonderful because you didn't have to be there. You just brought your merchandise and they sold it for you," said Bryan. "It's just a great place to see if you really want to be in business."

In addition to having small businesses, Market on the Square will be hosting renowned silhouette artist, Clay Rice, on Friday, Sept. 21.

Those interested need to reserve a spot online.