Man walks along SR 128 in Confederate attire as form of protest

Man walks along SR 128 in Confederate attire as form of protest
Posted at 5:21 PM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-24 17:21:00-04

CLEVES, OH (FOX19) - As people stand divided on the issue of Confederate monuments, a Cleves man is expressing his opinion by taking to the streets.

Kevin Patrick Thomas Walker walks up and down State Route 128 for hours several times a week wearing a Civil War era Confederate outfit and carrying a Confederate flag. Walker said that he has worn both Union attire and Confederate attire in the past when he took part in re-enactments.

"I'm just a re-enacter with a bum leg walking up and down the street, trying to show you guys you're nuts fighting over old hash," Walker said.

Walker said he is proudly patrolling the busy street because he believes that Confederate monuments and flags should stay where they are, so his route is his version of protest. He started strolling after recent controversy surrounding Confederate monuments came to light.

"This is history," Walker said. "Stop getting your panties in an uproar, America."  

Walker said that his goal is to get attention so he can spread his message. However, not everyone agrees with Walker's demonstration, his opinions or his outfit.

"Most people cheer,"  Walker said. "I've had the finger a couple times."

"I think people are offended more so than supporting him," Steve Hannon, who stopped to ask Walker what his purpose was, said. "I think because of the Confederate flag and the Confederate garb."

Walker, who admits his route could be dangerous, said that despite differing positions on the issues, he won't be giving up his hike anytime soon.

"This country is crazy, man," Walker said. "We are fighting each other instead of working with each other."

Walker also said that he wants to be clear that he is not racist and doesn't view the flag he carries as a symbol of hate.

Hannon said that he doesn't agree with all of Walker's views, but appreciated that when he stopped to talk with him, they had a civil conversation.

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