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The Mary Brogan Museum is shut down by board of directors

Mary Brogan Museum
Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-12 14:22:43-05

TALLAHASSEE,L Fla. (WTXL) --  The Mary Brogan Museum sits in the heart of downtown Tallahassee.

The doors are closed, shut down by the museum's board of directors.

The decision made Monday night. Officials say they simply ran out of funding.

Administrators who run the not for profit Brogan Museum have seventy thousand dollars in the bank.  They owe banks and creditors more than one hundred thousand dollars.

The big loser, children eager to learn and have fun doing it.

The building is quiet enough to hear a pin drop.  Normally, kids pack the building eager to learn about the wonders of the arts and sciences.

Many students who come to the museum say its like a second home.

Shariah Davis is a student at a Tallahassee school, "My childhood and my experiences with the Mary Brogan. I don't want to ever stop having those experiences learning and having fun at the same time."

People who know the museum best say financial problems plagued the downtown Tallahassee museum from the start. They say the building was suppose to have four floors. But it was built with just three.

Now struggles to generate money left board members no other choice.

Trish Hanson, former Mary Brogan Chief Operations Officer says, "Rentals of exhibits that the organization was hoping that it would bring in needed funds not only to pay for the exhibit but also to help with budget did not bring to fruition what was that could help us out."              

So now the downtown area is left with just a few other places were children, can learn, dream big and explore natures beauty.

At the Tallahassee Museum officials say memberships, donors and visitors keep them open.

Russell Dawes, Chief Executive officer at the Tallahassee Museum, "We definitely have to have a product they enjoy and want to learn from. We also have to work the pricing so it covers the cost."

Even though the museum is shut down. People who work at the museum say two upcoming events will go on as planned. The Tibetan Monks and Spring Break Camp for Kids.