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No alcohol sales on Sunday in Live Oak remains

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jul 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-10 15:12:13-04

LIVE OAK, Fla. (WTXL)--Most people go to the liquor store to grab a quick drink, but to do that on Sunday in Live Oak isn't an option.

"I feel like Sunday is a sacred day and sale of alcohol especially hard liquor, we just don't need it," said Sonny Nobles.

Mayor Sonny Nobles says he has no intentions on changing his mind. In fact he's vetoed a proposal to allow alcohol sales on Sunday "twice."

Residents like Timothy Peavy says he agrees with Mayor Nobles.

"I mean you're drinking six days out of the week, why can't you just give one day to the Lord," said Peavy.

"In our area of the state, I don't think my views are that different from a lot of people,"said Nobles.

Council members voted 3-2 in June for the ordinance, but it will take a 4-1 vote to overturn Nobles' decision.

Some argue it could benefit the city financially.

"There's absolutely no additional financial benefits that we would receive," said Nobles.

Nobles says he was even questioned whether this would result in more drunk driving in the city. He says drinking no because people can go right outside the city limits and purchase the alcohol and wouldn't be too far away from home.

Right now restaurants are permitted to sell to sell alcohol Sunday but convenience stores, bars, are prohibited. The assistant manager of Live Oak Liquors Dishal Khetia says everyone should be able to.

"They shouldn't really impose that kind of limitation on the city because it should be a fair trade for everybody," said Khetia.

Khetia's store is within the county line, so he says Sunday sales bring in good money since people can't purchase it in the city.

Mayor Nobles says the issue will more than likely be back on the table, but promises to veto it again.

"I will continue to veto hard liquor sales inside the city of live oak," said Nobles.