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Human trafficking hits home in Gadsden County

Human Trafficking on farms in Gadsden County
Posted at 6:26 PM, Dec 06, 2012

Farms and other parts of quiet Gadsden County have become a marketplace for human trafficking...

The county is heavily populated with hispanic workers, some that officials say could possibly be victims.

"We want the hispanic community to know, we're there for them, we understand that there's illegal immigration issues but our point is to make sure that victims are taken care of," said Major Shawn Woods, Gadsden County Sheriff's office.

Local farm owners got a lesson from federal, state, and local leaders on how to identify their workers who could be victims.

"As you know farmers depend on migrant labor and when human being are brought in to do labor, they can sometimes be forced to do labor, not by the farmers but by those who have smuggled them into the country," said Pamela Marsh, Northern District U.S. Attorney.

Human trafficking includes domestic servitude, forced labor, sex trafficking, and more. Officials call it the new modern day slavery.

"If they're children or family, what we want them to know is we want to help them we want to make sure that no one is a victim in gadsden county," said Wood.

While Gadsden law enforcement says no official reports of human trafficking have been cited, they now know it exists and asking people to come forward.