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World-renowned artist painting positive message for Tallahassee community

Posted at 5:40 PM, Oct 24, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The historic All Saints Arts District in downtown Tallahassee is exploding with color, creativity, culture and commerce.

And nowhere is that more apparent than at the Freight Yard where a world-renowned artist is painting his own positive message to the community.

Words make up the foundation of Nick Napoletano's multi-layered mural on the corner of All-Saints and Railroad.

"In every mural that we do, there is a ritual or tradition that we have where we write a whole bunch of positive messages that feel appropriate to the location and the change that we are trying to embody in the space and then from there, we build the framework of the mural on top of it," said Napoletano.

The Freight Yard, a mixed-use project in the All Saints neighborhood, is in tune with the local art community. The walls of the building and stairwells are all painted by local artists.

Freight Yard Developer, Paul Bradshaw, commissioned Nick after seeing his work in Atlanta. Nick says the two share the same ideology.

"How intentional everything is designed in this space is unbelievable," said Napoletano. "And that's the same ideology and the way that we operate with our work is trying to be really conscious and intentional of how we are bringing it and why we are bringing it and how that's going to effect people long term."

The mural will be finished by the end of the week, with its message there for all to see.

"Lead with an open heart , embrace everything that is coming your way and don't worry," said artist Sydney Duarte.

"Art, music and culture are the heartbeat of a city, so the more that you encourage things like this to happen the more life the more illumination is at the core of what the city is all about," said Napoletano.

And people who live in the area seem to agree.

"We need stuff like this here in Tallahassee because it revitalizes the whole community," said Omar Al Busady, who lives at the Freight Yard.

Napoletano is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information on him and his work, click here.