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Undercover investigation leads to arrest of four people for illegally selling prescription drugs

Posted at 3:53 PM, Apr 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-29 16:09:18-04

MARIANNA, Fla. — Three undercover operations by the Mariana Police Department led to the arrest of four people for selling and distributing prescription drugs, with one woman selling nearly 1,600 hydrocodone and 900 Xanax pills over several years.

Patricia Merrill, Nathan Conrad, Ruth Murdock, and Leonard Redmon were all arrested by the Marianna Police Department.

Over the past several months, the Marianna Police Department has conducted undercover operations, combating the illegal distribution of prescription narcotics within the city limits of Marianna.

During the investigation, investigators uncovered an organized distribution ring of prescription narcotics.

Throughout the course of the investigation, investigators focused their attention on Merrill, who they determined was selling prescription narcotics to individuals in Marianna.

Investigators found that this had been occurring for several years and that she was responsible for the distribution of nearly 1,600 hydrocodone pills and 900 Alprazolam (Xanax) pills.

Warrants for Merrill were obtained and she was charged with 13 counts of conspiracy to trafficking in hydrocodone, 10 counts of conspiracy to possession with intent to sale Alprazolam (Xanax), sale of a controlled substance within 1,000 ft of a church (Methadone), and possession with intent to sell (Methadone).

She was arrested and taken to the Jackson County Correctional Facility on a $1,185,000 bond.

Investigators also conducted another undercover operation where two other suspects responsible for the sale of prescription narcotics within Marianna were arrested.

Murdock was found to be in possession of 60 Alprazolam (Xanax) tablets. He was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substance (Alprazolam).

Conrad was also arrested and found to be in possession of two different types of Alprazolam and Morphine pills. He was charged with two counts of possession of controlled substance (Alprazolam), possession of controlled substance (Morphine), and sale of a controlled substance within 1,000 ft of a church (Morphine).

Further undercover operations resulted in investigators obtaining a warrant against and arresting Redmon, who was charged with sale of a controlled substance (Hydrocodone) within 1,000 ft of a church.

The Marianna Police Department remains committed to ensuring that prescription narcotics are controlled and distributed responsibly.

If you have any information into the illegal trafficking or distribution of any drugs, you are urged to contact the Marianna Police Department at 850-526-3125 or Chipola Crimestoppers at 850-526-5000.