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Weddings, funerals and special events are feeling the pressure as inflation continues to impact their business

With inflation impacting celebrations families are being forced to make difficult decisions to cut costs.
Posted at 7:02 PM, Jun 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-21 20:23:19-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Weddings and the funeral industry are taking a hit as prices for caskets, urns, weddings dresses and venues continue to increase.

ABC 27 spoke to a bride and she says the wedding venue she wanted has now almost doubled in price so she's trying to find something cheaper.

"When we were looking at a bill of about 2,250 for what we wanted to do, it's now almost $6,000," said Elena Hill.

Hill has been planning her wedding for a few months.

She said she knew things were going to be expensive but she's forced to cut back in areas she didn't expect.

"Somethings we're considering cutting out is maybe just going to a beach, setting up some floral having a nice outdoor ceremony; [a] small ceremony," said Hill.

Hill said at venues, plates have gone up by 10 to 12 dollars so she's come up with some ideas to stay within her budget.

"We've even asked our friends, 'hey do you mind if we just get some space in a restaurant and everybody just kind of pays their way,' " said Hill.

Hill said as much as she wants her dream wedding, it's not worth spending so much money.

Weddings aren't the only industry seeing an increase.

"We are taking some hits. We use probably close to twenty to thirty different distributors for our day to day operations and most all of them have surcharges or additional freight charges we haven't experienced before," said Breanna Green.

Green is a funeral director at Bevis Funeral Home and Crematory.

She said luckily they haven't raised the prices on their customers but some caskets have been increased 10 to 20 percent forcing some families to make a different choice.

"Cremation is a little more economical because there's less merchandising factors involved," said Green.

Green said the best way to cut cost for a funeral is to plan ahead and for brides deciding whats most important and cutting out the rest.