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Voter bus tour joined FAMU Homecoming parade

Posted at 7:54 PM, Oct 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-28 19:55:44-04
  • The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation appeared at the Famu homecoming parade.
  • Tallahassee was the fourth stop for the bus, with the goal being five stops.
  • Watch the video above to see the reaction leaders and community members.


"It's nothing like an HBCU party with a purpose…"

A purpose that the national coalition on black civic participation is trying to fulfill.

Saturday, Famu's homecoming parade consisted of food, fun, and family… but it also was a place to register to vote and get educated on upcoming elections.

"We're telling them to not to vote for a candidate but vote for your issues."

Salandra Benton Is the executive of the national coalition on black civic participation… standing along with her partner, president and CEO, Melanie Campbell...

"We're not stopping it… this is just a launching pad of what we're going to be doing all throughout the 2024 election."

A launching pad for their national campaign that started in Jacksonville…

Saturday was the fourth stop for the tour bus…

The goal is five stops, and locations Jacksonville, Daytona, Miami, Tallahassee, and Orlando

"Sometimes talking is not it… when you look on this bus, you get the message."

The voter tour bus consisted of important election deadlines… all geared to help increase black voter turnout.

I checked with Leon votes dot gov…

To check up on Black voter turnout in 2022...

Out of the 19,045 African American's eligible to vote in 32301 and 32304 zip codes only 33% turned out for the primary.

That’s compared to over 57 percent overall turnout in Leon County that year.

It's something that drives community advocate, Lucas Milton, to help with the cause…

"In this community it's very important to get young black people to turn out and vote."

I asked Milton what he has seen that requires people in his community to vote and he says…

"If you look at what's going on the south side right now, we have grocery stores that are closing down. There are senior citizens who don't have a Walgreens to get their prescription drugs. So, advocacy and representation of issues is very important to make sure our elected officials and authorities are doing things that reflect the values of our people so that our quality of life will be as good as it possibly can."

An idea that president and CEO, Melanie Campbell can agree with.

"As a unified force in this black community… we say together we can make all things happen together."