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Volunteers remove trash, mattresses from Apalachicola River on Earth Day

Posted at 6:52 PM, Apr 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-22 18:52:55-04

The Apalachicola River — home to boats, birds, and fish. More importantly, fresh water. That freshwater is what keeps this area afloat.

“It’s the only river we have in Florida that gets its source from the Appalachian Mountains,” says Doug Alderson, who is the Apalachicola Riverkeeper Outreach and Advocacy Director.

Alderson has been with the Apalachicola Riverkeeper for about a year. Keeping the river clean is his passion.

“We need to advocate for the outdoors for the protection of the outdoors because it’s threatened in many places and so we realize we need to do something to protect what we love.”

People from across the area, joining Alderson in Apalachicola picking trash from the river, and throwing it into bags, and even trucks.

“Well, I found a great big old rusted out pully. It weighed about 30-40 pounds,” says Pete Whiteless, who volunteered for the Earth Day cleanup.

He is also passionate about our environment. He’s been volunteering since he was seven and knows what a difference a clean river can make for this area.

“It showed me what nature can be brought back to if we clean up the environment we live in.”

Making for a productive and rewarding day for 14-year-old Ani Duke. But she still has one goal in mind.

“Probably making sure it doesn’t look as dirty as we came”

You can find more information about the Apalachicola Riverkeeper by clicking here.