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Villa North residents ask for more to be done concerning mold infestation

Single mother of 6 leaves her home after mold outbreak
Posted at 5:14 PM, Jul 13, 2023

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WTXL) — "It's always a complaint like, oh we're going to get it, oh we're going to get to it," said Keyondria Jackson.

Keyondria Jackson and her 6 kids have been bouncing from house to house for the past 2 weeks. This due to what she's calling a mold outbreak at Villa North apartments.

"The mold— you can't use your bathroom, take a shower it's hazardous for my kids," said Jackson.

Jackson said her and her children moved into their apartment back in 2019. She said it has been covered in mold for a year and half. Her breaking point being after she gave birth to her newborn baby.

Jackson admits its difficult to not be in one place for a long period of time.

"You know you want to cook for them. You know you don't have money to buy takeout food every day," said Jackson.

Thomasville City School System was alerted to Jackson's situation and stepped up to the plate with the help of a federal program. The program is designed to help families like the Jackson's that may be displaced or homeless.

"We did 5 days if I'm remembering correctly and because of the size of her families we did 2 rooms," said Tina McBride, director of Student Services.

McBride said they are reaching the end of their budget with that program but said the school system will begin looking for new ways to help families soon.

Though Jackson isn't alone in needing help. Two other tenants I talked to say they are facing the same issue.

"I've got a daughter who has asthma. She can't be around that, but they don't seem to care. It's a lot of kids around here that can't be around mold, but majority of the apartments has mold," said Theresa Daniels.

"Now the stove isn't working. We just don't use the kitchen for nothing except the refrigerator. 'Oh, so you can't cook or anything?' No ma'am," said Shonese Mills.

All 3 tenants said they have made management aware, but so far, nothing has been done.

I reached out to the apartment complex about the neighbor's concerns.

In an email they responded reading in part: "Ownership, management, and the site staff are dedicated to providing safe, decent, and sanitary housing that is affordable for low-income families."

As for what's next, the Thomasville City School System said they will be looking into more resources to help future families with situations like this.