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Veteran in Cairo compares tornado to war combat

Posted: 6:06 PM, Mar 06, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-08 09:33:34Z
Veteran in Cairo compares tornado to war combat

As we honor Baum Wednesday night, a veteran in Cairo is going through a different kind of battle.

The Navy Chaplain tells WTXL Sunday's storm reminded him of combat.

For retired Navy veteran Charles Parker, Sunday's storm compares to only one other thing he's seen.

He was staying at his friend's house for the weekend when the tornado touched down. His life was spared by just a few feet when a tree fell into the living room.

"It was the most frightening experience you could have on this side of combat," said Parker. "I'm glad I survived it."

Parker served in the Navy for 30 years. It reminded him of going to war.

"It was about the same experience. You can't think for a couple of seconds because of the explosion and the debris flying everywhere," said Parker. "It was very close to a combat type experience."

And right now, Parker says his military training is helping him to cope with what he saw and heard on Sunday night.

For the moment, he is focused on moving forward.

"I'm just grateful to God that he was there and spared me from death," said Parker. "I've put it behind me and I'm going on to the next experience."

Knowing that this experience will be one he remembers for the rest of his life.