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Two barns destroyed in Colquitt following 'potential tornado'

Posted at 2:36 PM, Dec 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-17 17:14:24-05

COLQUITT, Ga. (WTXL) — At one point on Tuesday severe weather left thousands without power, leaving damage across Miller County.

Just driving through Colquitt, we could see trees that were snapped and buildings damaged from the strength of this storm.

"Well I was in town tax paying for the end of the year...and then my neighbor called said your barn is blown away," said Rodney Bryan, owner of Millers County Barns.

The Bryan family has owned this barn since 1963. Now there is nothing left but pieces of family memories.

It's a tough loss for Rodney Bryan, who says the family is still dealing with damages from Hurricane Michael last year.

"What's so sad about all this I had not even gotten over Hurricane Michael," said Rodney. "I was still working on and had numerous projects to still finish up on Hurricane Michael and now I got total devastation on these two barns."

Devastation is what Rodney says he feels, knowing that a part of his family's history is gone.

"Well I broke down and cried. It's hard. I'm not even through Michael. I told folks that I'm not gonna live long enough to get through fixing everything on that with all the tree damage and all we had," said Rodney.

Despite the damage, he says he's determine to push through.

His son Rodney Bryan Jr. says his father's outlook keeps him strong.

"It inspires me to see him stay strong and I want to be strong for him to continue on the farming operation for years to come," said Rodney Jr.

As the family cleans and looks to the future, they have one simple request.

"The main thing they can do for me is pray for me and the family. Prayer," said Rodney.

Bryan ran his business out of that barn.

He says that the family is working with the insurance company now and trusting that God will take care of it.

A pair of barns that have been standing since 1963 are in shambles after strong winds from a "potential tornado" hit Colquitt, GA on Tuesday.

The owners, the Bryans, say the barn has been in the family since 1963.

They say they were still in the process of fixing damage left behind by Hurricane Michael. But they say the damage done Tuesday was worse than what was done by the Category 5 storm.

While the family is devastated, they say God is faithful and will get them through it.

Right now, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) says that the barns were damaged by strong winds from a "potential" tornado. An official tornado touch down has not been confirmed.

We have a reporter at the scene working to gather more information.