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Traffic detour on stretch of Crawfordville Highway amid construction project

Posted at 7:31 PM, Mar 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-14 19:31:28-04

WAKULLA COUNTY, FL (WTXL) — A stretch of road on the highway between Woodrich and East Ivan Roads has moved traffic to a different side of the road.

This shift is a major change and shows progress with roadwork that has been in the works for over two years.

The shift is to the newly constructed roadway on the west side of Crawfordville Highway.

Southern Storage Solutions employee Cobb Adams said that road work has gone on ever since they moved to their location on Crawfordville Highway.

Road work that he said makes bringing in business a little more difficult.

"We were really invisible to people. They had moved the roads further away," Adams said. "They started building up approximately ten feet in height, so it took away our view of people being able to see us, so they couldn't find us."

But with traffic being diverted to the newly constructed roadway on the west side of the road, you can see the North Pointe Shopping Center a little better now.

The east side of the road is closed.

This stretch empty road on Crawfordville Highway that used to house north, and south bound traffic won't be empty forever.

Lindsey Harrell with the Florida Department of Transportation said the goal of this construction is to add two more lanes to the busy road to improve safety and to help businesses attract customers.

"Resurfacing the lanes will really help to move people and goods in and out of the area much easier," Harrell said. "That's overall going to improve our economic development there in Wakulla County."

This roadway shift is progress that Adams said he welcomes.

"That's all we have today is hope. So, that's what we are anticipating that it is going to bring that traffic flow in here," Adams said. "This roadway is the main roadway to the coast that people love to take the back roads and scenic routes so yeah, it is a very busy roadway."