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Three generations bond over sewing cloth face masks

Posted at 11:50 PM, Apr 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-07 23:50:12-04

LEON COUTNY, Fla. (WTXL) — Toilet paper, paper towels, and masks are hot commodities Chiles High School volleyball player Katy Warren is helping to fill the need for, and it's become quite the family affair.

Chiles High School junior Katy Warren's interest in sewing goes back almost a decade.

"I did this program called 'Girls of Grace' when I was what, ten," Warren said.

She never dreamed an old hobby would turn into a necessity for so many people.

"Going from being an athlete, six days a week, no break and then going to sitting in the house," said Warren. "We were bored! She got like 70 comments on her post in like two hours. Probably 75% of them were like, 'I want one,' or, 'I want four,' or, 'I want six!"

So Warren enlisted the help of her mom, Bonni, and grandmother, Jeanne Cloud, an upholsterer by trade.

"They've caught on, it's taken a while."

The trio got to work looking to help others, and enjoying each others company in the process.

"It's been nice," Cloud said. "It's three generations here working. We haven't been hugging or anything, but it's been great to have this bond with them."

"It's nice that we're doing something of hers," said Warren. "I feel like a lot of time we do my volleyball games, she comes to my volleyball games, or we do her schoolwork, but doing something for her that she's so passionate about, it's just so amazing for us."

A passion that's helping others and building memories three generations strong.

"It's nice! It's neat to be helping somebody out," said Cloud.

Katy Warren and her family have made over fifty masks, and while they're happy to help others, they've enjoyed the family time more than anything.