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Thomasville's first black public school-- Douglass High School to undergo possible rezoning

Douglass High School possible rezoning could lead to senior living complex
Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 06, 2023

UPDATE: The City of Thomasville Planning and Zoning Department did not vote at its meeting Monday evening, deciding to table it.

The Alumni Association discussed wanting to rezone, which would give them more options for the land's usage.

About 50 community members were in attendance and residents say they felt blindsided by the possible rezoning.

The City of Thomasville Planning and Zoning Department is set to vote about rezoning Douglass High School Monday evening. Douglas was the first black public school in Thomasville, Ga.

Due to its historical background, many community members are not in favor of the possible sale of land. Though Thomasville's Housing Authority feels this couldn't come at a better time.

Currently there are over 50 people on the housing waiting list. Housing Authority Executive Director Michael House said Thomasville is currently in a housing crisis, adding it will take at least another 300 housing units in order to dig its way out of this crisis.

Although we don't know what this will be, House said the possibility of complex would be crucial for senior citizens, adding they are most vulnerable when it comes to safe and affordable housing.

"Think about the senior citizens and such. They only have a certain amount of income they get for social security and such. If you have a private sector in town their one bedroom is maybe 1000 a month. At least with public housing or low-income housing you're only paying 30% of your income," said House.

House said the root cause is a lack of land to build more housing in Thomasville.

The planning and rezoning department decided to table the topic for a later date.