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Thomasville Fire celebrates history making recruit class

Posted at 7:56 PM, Apr 05, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-05 19:58:39-04

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WTXL) — The most recent firefighter class in Thomasville made history. Four out of the five pinned were women, the most a pinning class has ever had.

Victoria Coleman was one of the women to get her pin in that class of firefighters. She shares what it means to be apart of history.

"To have my sisters who are the firefighters that came up with me... Kasi Cross, Dontaevia Johnson, and Charity Williams, it was a good thing," Coleman said. "I get to share opportunity with them, we get to see each other cry we get to see each other struggle but we still go back and try again and overcoming it."

Coleman said some days can be tough, but she knows being a firefighter is her calling.

"I'm able to help people, put a smile on someone's face, I'm able to assist them with anything even if we're not doing anything," Coleman said. "If we're out riding around, and we see kids we get out we play with them, so I chose the correct career."

Thomasville Fire Chief Tim Connell said seeing these firefighters come into their own is an honor to see.

"As a chief it's kind of like a father, they start out like young children and watching them grow through the system and becoming the strong firefighters that they are," Chief Connell said. "It's a great honor to watch them grow."

Coleman is no stranger to being a first responder; Being a firefighter for 7 years before her new role in Thomasville. She encourages any woman who's interested to talk to women working in the field.

"Reach out go to the station, stop by, see females somewhere ask them, get their perspective on it. It's a good job, it's a good career," said Coleman.

Chief Connell said there are four open positions, and is hoping to continue adding to the diversity in the department.

"The females have come to me and eventually they want an all female engine company but that's very attainable," Chief Connell explained. "Just give it some time we can make it happen."

Coleman's goals include not only exceeding the amount of women in her pinning class but also getting the department to 50% women.

"Two years for six females, and I'm going to say for seven years until we have a total of ten," Coleman said.

Chief Connell said with those four open positions, he's hoping to continue adding to the diversity in the department.