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Thomas County deputies seeing rise in synthetic marijuana arrests

Posted at 6:22 PM, Dec 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-16 18:22:18-05

THOMAS COUNTY, Ga. — Two young children have been turned over to relatives after their 23-year-old mother was arrested for a controlled substance.

Thomas County deputies are saying this a trend that is happening far too often.

Deputies we spoke to on Monday said it was one of the worst looking apartments they have seen in two decades.

Deputies from the Thomas County Sheriff's Office say they are still in shock from what they witnessed when searching a Thomasville apartment after a woman was hiding a controlled substance right where children slept at night.

"As agents went in, it was very difficult to search this house due to the roach infestation that was in this house," said Louis Schofill, Thomas County Narcotics Vice Division Commander.

In apartment 309 A on West Merrill Street in Thomas County lived 23-year-old Kambriana Jackesa Deshay Ivey and her two children.

Last week, the drug unit conducted a search warrant and say they found a bag, filled with a lot of synthetic marijuana, hidden underneath where Ivey's children were sleeping.

Known as "spice," the controlled substance is something Schofill says is becoming way too popular in the Thomasville community.

"The amount of spice was a trafficking amount and we are seeing more and more of spice or synthetic marijuana here in Thomas County in recent weeks," said Schofill.

Schofill says spice provides a different type of high, and does not appear on some drug tests from their employers or probation officers. Yet it is very dangerous.

"It's not regulated. You don't know what you're getting from one dose to the next from one week to the next. It's just dangerous and it's causing all kinds of problems and people need to stay away from it," said Schofill.

Ivey was denied bond and is in the Thomas County jail.

Another arrest for this substance was made not long before hers as this has been an ongoing problem in this community.