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The shortage on baby formula has moms in Tallahassee thinking of different ways to feed their babies

Posted at 8:04 PM, May 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-12 12:42:29-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Mothers across the country are facing shortages with baby formula and the moms in our area are finding ways to feed their babies.

Comment after comment, in the MotherHOOD of the 850Facebook group moms have been struggling to find formula.

Searching store to store in hopes of finding at least one tin to feed their baby.

A question many moms have been wondering, can they use whole or other alternatives to make the formula stretch.

Local doctors tell ABC 27 that's not an option.

"Dairy milk or other types of milk don't have the nutritional profile that baby formulas have" said Jen Graham, Pediatric Clinical Dietitian at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

Graham works in the pediatric department at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

She said if moms start using other milk, "Then that can effect their growth and they can become malnourished" said Graham.

Babies have stomachs the size of a marble so having milk that isn't formula or breast milk can disrupt their digestive system.

Talethia Edwards is a birth worker and she said having this baby formula shortage is giving moms and expected mothers a chance to learn.

"Most times you see parents new parents particularly are overfeeding their kids because they just don't know" said Edwards.

Edwards said this is an opportunity for parents to learn accurate serving sizes for their babies and that could help their formula stretch.

Having a wet nurse, using milk banks and even trying different formula brands are options for moms that can't breast feed.

For moms that my feel alone Facebook support groups are available to give them a sign of relief that they have a village and a place to ask questions if they have concerns.

"They come to a page where they feel comfortable with a bunch of other moms who been there done that and i think that helps them."

Help she said will get them through this shortage, while giving them a safe space to learn motherhood.

For mothers in the area needing breast milk the closest milk bank is in Orlando and if you need formula medical experts tell us switching to a different formula brand is not a bad idea for babies.