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The power of water

Water pollution in the capital city
Posted at 1:22 PM, Apr 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-21 06:31:47-04

"In Florida the power of water is really about our water quality and the natural water bodies and how clean they are and continuing to improve them we want them clean to enjoy them," said Anna Padilla, storm water management coordinator for Leon County.

Whether it's water from your faucet, the ocean, or the lake, when it comes to H2O we all know the importance of having it. Water is a vital resource that has fueled human progress.

Padilla tells us in nature, water purifies and renews itself endlessly. But nature's capacity to renew on her own is being disrupted significantly due to pollution.

“It’s so important not to litter. one of our biggest problems is litter!” said Padilla.

Along lake Henrietta is quite an eye sore. You see trash in and around the lake, making it not only difficult for the public but wildlife too.

Nawful Ezzagaghi is director of environmental services for Leon County. Ezzagaghi tells us they aren't losing sight of the goal to improve water quality across the county.

“This is a continuous cycle which includes analyzing and planning all highlighted by millions in a budget their partners have dedicated to our lakes,” said Ezzagaghi.

Although data historically points to the overall quality improvement of the lake, residents like James Mooran reminisce about a time he was once able to fish on lake Munson.
"It's beautiful here we love it, but our lake is gone," said James.

The lake had to be drained to control algae growth caused by runoff high in nutrients from fertilizer and other contamination.

Although there’s no water in the lake now, there will be again. "Soon residents will be able to fish again,” said Padilla.