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TCC proposes student fee changes

Posted at 6:49 PM, May 22, 2023

TALLAHASSEE, FLa. — Tallahassee Community College is proposing changes in their student fees.

The university says due to inflation, costs have to be adjusted. Though, tuition will not be affected.

Calandra Stringer, provost vice president of academic affairs, assures students this is not happening across the board. According to Stringer, only 18% of fees are increasing, 32% are decreasing, and the other 50% will remain the same.

The commercial driving program will be the most affected, prices increasing from $2,165 to $4,091.

"We're looking at the cost of renting trucks, the cost of gasoline is sky rocketing, the cost of being able to maintain the tires on the truck, the maintenance, so all of that goes into the price of the program and that is why there is an increase in those particular fees," said Stringer.

If changes are approved, new fees will go into effect this Fall.