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TCAC remembers Stonewall Pride Riots 51 years later

A march and memorial held
Posted at 12:46 AM, Jun 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-29 00:46:20-04

Fifty-one years later, a memorial was held remembering the Stonewall Riots for gay rights.

In Tallahassee, signs held high and flags proudly waving to acknowledge the major movement that started on the streets of New York in 1969.

The memorial took a deep dive into the history of Pride with speakers, singing and theater.

People also put an emphasis on black trans lives here in the Tallahassee community.

Demonstrators say they just want everyone to accepted.

"We just want to be recognized and be seen as human beings. We just want to be happy at the end of the day and there's a lot of things that's going on that seems like they're trying to stop that," Liam Bennett said

Bennett says he marched so in another 50 years, no one else has to.