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Taylor County Primary School gets a new book vending machine

With help from the community Taylor County Primary is able to buy new book vending machine
Posted at 5:18 PM, Apr 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-29 19:32:05-04

PERRY, Fla. (WTXL) — On April 1st Taylor County Primary School received its first ever book vending machine.

The idea came from Pam Blue, a 2nd grade teacher at Taylor County Primary School. With only two fundraisers and donations from the community, Mrs. Blue was able to order the machine after just one month.

Pam Blue says, “We decided that the book vending machine would be a great way to foster the behaviors that we’re looking for and the learning process also.”

The faculty are hopeful this latest addition will promote and lay the foundation for good behavior such as being respectful, a good friend, and doing their best every day.

1ST Grader Maggie Wigglesworth is excited about the school’s new addition and explains how it works.

Maggie Wigglesworth says, “You be good and then you get the ticket and then you get a token and then you put it in the book vending machine, and you get a book.”

After presenting good behavior, the students are rewarded with a token. Once at the machine, much like a regular vending machine, they choose a book, insert the coin, and receive their new item.

Students and parents alike are enjoying the new addition to the library.

Naejeahna Britt’s pre-k son, George, is diagnosed with sensory issues that can affect one’s sensitivity to different sounds and cause developmental delays. Despite it, the vending machine has been something he can enjoy too.

“They did an amazing job with this. Me seeing my son come to this machine and press the numbers and get his book and how excited he got, that’s truly amazing,” says Naejeahna Britt.

Blue believes this new incentive will encourage students to use good conduct to receive a token for a new book.

“And that just really drives home everything we’re working on in school. We’re teaching them how to be good citizens in school and we’re giving them those books to foster that love of reading and love of learning.”

Faculty members go on to say that this wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the community and that the machine will serve as continuous reminder to students, to always do your best.