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Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra performs for Leon County Students

Posted at 6:20 PM, Dec 15, 2022
and last updated 2023-01-26 10:35:50-05

Leon County fifth graders got a special show courtesy of the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra Thursday morning.

Adrianna Leggett-Myles, Olivia Lozowski, and Xander Smith attended the concert and shared their thoughts on the concert.

"I felt really excited because it was my first concert," Leggett-Myles said. "I thought it was really cool because I haven't really seen one before," Lozowski explained. "It was pretty good, I liked all of the different musics," Smith said.

Students and many others received a sneak peek at Tallahassee symphony orchestra's holiday show, Cirque De Noel. For many of the students this show is the first time they've been in a concert hall of this caliber.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna asked students if they were interested in playing an instrument after seeing the concert, and many hands went up.

Carrie Holden, a violinist with the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, says it's special to be able to share music and the arts with children.

"It's great being a musician and being able to share what we do and get them excited about what we do and want to either go to our concerts or actually be part of it. Many of my students were in the audience which is exciting," Holden said.

The show included Christmas songs, a sampling of the Frozen soundtrack, as well as lessons from the conductor about each group of instruments in between pieces. The students shared their favorite parts of the show.

"The nutcracker" "The string instruments" "I don't really have a favorite because all of them are my favorite," said Smith.

The show also included cirque performers. Students showed their excitement by singing along and cheering. Holden says she enjoys when students interact during the show.
"It's so fun being up on stage and hearing them communicate with us so well and be engaged," said Holden.

The students I spoke with are already learning instruments and they had some advice for anyone wanting to learn instruments too.

"You can do whatever you want to do and don't let anyone stop you," said Leggett-Myles. "Don't give up, even if you mess up, and always try again," said Lozowski.

Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra's Holiday Magic Cirque De Noel is happening this weekend. You can go to their website Tallahassee Symphony to buy tickets.